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Headquartered in City of Industry, CA., Jada Toys is a privately held leading manufacturer of authentically licensed and highly stylized figures, die-cast collectibles, radio control vehicles, and toys. Jada works closely with major entertainment and vehicle brands to produce the innovative, patented items that our fans have come to expect.

Reflecting the hottest trends in the automotive culture, Jada has revolutionized the die-cast collectible vehicle category by offering an extreme level of detail and styling which appeals to a whole new generation of enthusiasts with hit brands such as DUBCity, BigTime Muscle, Option-D, Hero Patrol, Lopro, Just Trucks and the highly anticipated JDM Tuners.

Jada Toys is a pioneer in radio control technology. In the Fall of 2009, Jada introduced Battle Machines revolutionizing RC play by adding video game like play pattern. Battle Machines combines radio control with laser tag technology bringing a new level of high speed action to the category.

In 2014, Jada Toys added the Fast & Furious license to their already successful die-cast and radio control line up. The highly detailed, quality die-cast and RC proved to be very popular even in non-movie years. Jada Toys is continuing to produce award winning vehicles from every movie from the first �The Fast and The Furious� movie up to the newest release coming in April 2017, �Fast 8.�

Jada diversified their Boy dominated portfolio of products by obtaining the �Hello Kitty� license in 2011 and introduced its first Girls toy line. The Hello Kitty playsets that Jada Toys produced proved that they were not just a boys vehicle toy company anymore, but are now a major player in the girls category. Continuing an Innovation Forward philosophy, Jada launched their �Cutie Pops� doll line in 2012 with a multi-million dollar TV promotion which was awarded the brand top selling fashion doll of the year honors.

In another move to further expand their growth and diversity, Jada Toys was awarded the master toy licenses for the �RoboCop� movie reboot released in 2014 and the license to create vehicles and figures for the hit Xbox video game, Halo. The attention to detail, craftsmanship and execution of the figures gave Jada Toys credibility in the Action Figure world and paved the way to the creation of their latest die-cast collectable offerings: Metals Die-Cast.

In just one year, starting in January 2015, Metals Die-Cast has become a name synonymous with quality and styling. By obtaining major licenses from Universal, Marvel, Disney, DC and more, Metals Die-Cast has built a huge library of die-cast figures in a short amount of time. These die-cast collectable figures is one of the fastest growing lines Jada has ever produced.

Jada Toys, Inc. has become a powerhouse in the toy manufacturing industry, combining hot new licenses with innovative and cutting edge technology. At Jada, we strive to bring our customers the same fun, high quality products we have been delivering for over a decade.