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Armored Batman 6in (M11)
Armored Batman 6in (M12)
Batgirl (M374)
Brian O'Conner (M308)
Captain America 6in (M56)
Deadshot (M116)
Dominic Toretto (M306)
Falcon (M81)
Groot (M156)
Harley Quinn (M380)
Harley Quinn (M381)
Harley Quinn w/ Gun (M117)
Hulk (M63)
Iron Man 6in (M55)
Iron Man Mk V 6in (M57)
Leonardo w/ Armor 6in (M42)
Luke Hobbs (M307)
Sora (D35)
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
Spider-Man Ultimate (M256)
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 6in (M78)
Supergirl (M376)
The Joker Boss (M113)
Triple H (M209)
War Machine 6in (M67)