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Sami Zayn (M206)
Sasha Banks (M207)
Scarlet Witch (M134)
Seth Rollins (M210)
She-Hulk (M356)
Spider-Gwen (M255)
Spider-Man (M264)
Spider-Man Black Suit (M253)
Spider-Man Classic (M250)
Spider-Man Miles Morales (M252)
Spock (M412)
Star-Lord (M150)
Steve Trevor (M295)
Storm (M141)
Street Fighter 4-Pack (M309)
Suicide Squad Twin Pack (M23)
Suicide Squad Twin Pack (M23) - Exclusive
Supergirl (M360)
Superman (M2)
Superman (M6)
The Flash (M546)
The Joker (M112)
The Joker (M165)
The Joker (M18)
The Joker Boss (M167)