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Spider-Man Black Suit (M253)
Spider-Man Classic (M250)
Spider-Man Miles Morales (M252)
Spock (M412)
Star-Lord (M150)
Steve Trevor (M295)
Storm (M141)
Street Fighter 4-Pack (M309)
Suicide Squad Twin Pack (M23)
Suicide Squad Twin Pack (M23) - Exclusive
Supergirl (M360)
Superman (M2)
Superman (M6)
The Flash (M546)
The Joker (M112)
The Joker (M165)
The Joker (M18)
The Joker Boss (M167)
The Joker Boss (M19)
The Rock (M211)
The Rock (M220)
Thor (M60)
Venom (M254)
War Machine (M59)
White Ranger (M406)